Aligning Talent Strategy

Aligning Talent to Organizational Strategy

Ensure that your organization remains agile, adaptable, and ready to achieve its goals.

Contingent Workforce Strategies

Contingent Workforce Strategies

Rapidly adapt to changing business and talent demands with a contingent workforce strategy.

Business Transformation Services

Business Transformation Services

Helping companies navigate operations, strategies, and overall business models.

About Wing Strategies

Strategic Workforce Management and Organizational Design Consulting Company

Specializing in Organization Strategy and Human Capital Management, Wing Strategies ensures success by aligning talent, optimizing technology, and streamlining business processes.

  • Workforce Strategy & Development
  • Contingent Workforce & Advisory
  • Technology Analysis
  • Organizational Health Assessment
  • Business Transformation Services
  • Workforce Data Analytics
  • Organizational Change Management
  • MSP/ VMS Design
  • Workforce Modeling
  • Leadership & Culture Assessment
  • Defining Process & Procedures
  • Supplier Assessments
  • Market Rate Analysis
  • Governance & Risk Mitigation
  • Implementation & Management Services

Technology Analysis

The future of talent acquisition, talent management and contingent workforce management is heavily influenced by technology and automation. Companies will increasingly use AI-driven tools and Talent partners to identify, curate and recruit the best talent. While automation will be used to streamline the recruitment process, aligning THE RIGHT business partners, employees and contractors will require additional collaboration.

Companies need to focus on creating an environment and strategy to ensure people feel valued and respected. This includes your extended workforce solutions. Additionally, companies will need to focus on creating a culture of innovation, where people are encouraged to think out of the box and come up with creative solutions. Having a fun working environment with ping pong tables and bean bags may attract new talent entering the workforce, but it won’t keep them engaged. In today’s gig economy, workers are more likely to leave a full-time job than ever before. Is your company ready for the future of work? Wing Strategies wants to help your organization identify strategies for sustainable growth and enable your talent to not only support the vision but execute it!